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As Strong Cyber Solutions’ CEO, I established the company in response to rising security threats targeting sensitive data. My background in Risk, Governance, Compliance, and IT Project Management shaped our approach to organizing controls and evidence for audits.

We serve a growing client base of cutting-edge SaaS technology innovators and other service organizations needing cyber security compliance and certification consultation. Taking a pro-active, agile approach, we assume the role of an “accelerator,” introducing innovative strategies to invigorate the internal certification process to move it forward to success.”


Our clients have trust, confidence, and feel “in control”

Our Consultants Qualifications

  • Multi-disciplinary experience in auditing and managing technology organizations.
  • Certifications in: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Project Management Professional (PMP) and/or Certified Informations Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Superior communication/interpersonal skills
  • Deep Experience with regulatory and compliance matters affecting the technology industry

Our Story

Our Value Proposition:
On Time, Audit Ready, 100% Success Track Record

14 Reasons to Trust Strong Cyber Solutions

Storng Cyber Solutions
1. 100% Track Record of Certification Success
2. Enjoy automation without sacrificing professional services
3. Our automated certification tool integrates with your apps seamlessly
4. Comprehensive Policy Bank which we customize for your needs
5. Top to bottom review of your hiring practices and termination process
6. Security Awarenes Training with our partner KnowBe4
7. Incident Management Training
8. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Training
9. Data Classification Matrix
10. Data Restorarion Training and Testing
11. Risk Review and Risk Register
12. Weekly Project Team Meetings, Project Plan, Milestones and guaranteed to meet your target date and budget
13. Advice (if needed) on choosing an auditor
14. We stand beside you throughout your audit

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