The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive data privacy law enacted in the European Union (EU) to protect individuals’ personal data. Implemented in May 2018, GDPR applies to organizations that process or control such data. It grants individuals greater control over their personal information, requiring transparent data processing practices, explicit consent for data collection, and the right to access, correct, or erase their data. Organizations must also adopt measures to ensure data security and report data breaches promptly. Non-compliance may result in significant fines, emphasizing the importance of respecting individuals’ privacy in the digital age.

GDPR’s principles prioritize privacy by design and default, encouraging responsible data handling throughout its lifecycle. It defines stringent rules for cross-border data transfers, promoting a uniform approach to data protection across EU member states. The regulation covers a broad spectrum of personal data, including names, addresses, and online identifiers. Data subjects have the right to object to processing, and profiling decisions must be explainable. GDPR impacts businesses worldwide if they handle EU citizens’ data, ensuring a global impact on data protection practices. The regulation aims to create a harmonized, high standard for data protection, emphasizing the evolving importance of digital privacy.

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